Microsoft a Stronger Consumer Brand Than Apple and Samsung?

I wrote in my 2014 predictions that I see Windows and Windows Phone gaining market share and becoming more important players. It looks like consumers might agree, at least according to some recent Forrester research: In a surprise upset, Microsoft trumped Apple and Samsung in the TRUE brand rankings.  In fact, Microsoft was the only […]

Microsoft’s Windows Strategy: Can it Work?

As I watched this new Windows 8.1 commercial yesterday, I was struck by how clearly it lays out the value of Microsoft’s “three screens and a cloud” strategy. I was also struck by how much sense this strategy makes to me.   Apparently, Ray Ozzie came up with this phrase all the way back in […]

The “It Depends” Method of Evaluating Technology

There are a few areas where debate constantly rages over which product is better than another. Performance automobiles comes to mind. Music, and particularly popular music. Vacuum cleaners (well, maybe not, but I drew blank trying to think of a third category). But nowhere are things worse than in technology. Apple vs. Microsoft. iOS vs. […]

Which Platform is Better? iOS or Android? OS X or Windows?

There have always been ongoing debates between fans of one platform or another over which is the better one. Back in the day, it was Mac OS versus Windows. Today, the heaviest debate is between iOS and Android fans, with a smattering of Windows Phone users chattering from the cheap seats. I’ve been reading a […]

Google Chromecast Setup and Testing

So, I was lucky enough (or quick enough) to snag a couple of Chromecasts from Amazon before they sold out (and, before the 5:31 PST cutoff for the 3-month Netflix coupon). I ordered via Amazon Prime but they came a day early, and so I was able to spend a few minutes this evening playing […]