Enabling Chrome High DPI (HiDPI) Support in Windows 8.1 on High Resolution Screens

In my transition from Android (and to a lesser extent iOS) to all-Microsoft products, one area that’s caused me some consternation is whether or not this transition should include moving from Chrome to Internet Explorer. I’m torn on that one, because first, Chrome offers some real advantages such as a much better Evernote clipper, and […]

Preparing for My Microsoft Transition

In my blog post yesterday, I basically announced that I’ll be switching to all Microsoft technology. That means giving up my Nexus 10 and my Nexus 5, and switching to a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, my Dell Venue 8 Pro, and some kind of Windows Phone. For the latter, I’m considering a refurbished Nokia Lumia […]

I’ve Seen the Future, and it’s the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I was excited to learn that a new Microsoft Store was opening in a mall about 10 minutes from my house (the Oaks in Thousand Oaks, CA), and upon visiting it yesterday was subsequently disappointed to learn that it’s actually just a kiosk. So, my plan of making a quick trip on June 20 to […]

HP Omni 10 Review

HP has been strangely quiet in their introduction and release of the Omni 10 tablet, and I’m not sure why. I’ve been using one for the last few days, and it’s a very nice 10” Windows 8.1 tablet. There’s currently only one version of the Omni 10 (toss a little cash in the tip jar […]

Dell Venue 11 Pro Mobile Keyboard Quick Look (Update: Video)

I received my Venue 11 Pro Mobile Keyboard (what I like to call the keyboard dock) from Dell the other day, and I’ve spend a few minutes running it through its paces. The short version: it works as you’d expect (most of the time), is comfortable to type on, has a decent trackpad, and adds […]

Google Tasks Limitations and How to Work Around Them

So, I switched awhile back from using Toodledo’s backend task management system to Google Tasks, primarily because I’d gotten caught up in the premium version of Toodledo and wanted to save some money. I’ve discovered, however, that Google Tasks (and I’m talking the separate tasks functionality, not the old-style in-calendar tasks) has some significant limitations […]

2014: What Will Happen in Tech?

It’s de rigueur, I think, for a tech blog to post predictions for the coming year. Because I don’t want to be left out, I’ll post some thoughts as well—although they’ll be short, and I’ll be posting well after the New Year has already begun due to a killer bug I caught on New Year’s […]

Dell Venue 8 Pro Overview (Update)

I want to like the Dell Venue 8 Pro. I really do. It’s nicely built, comfortable to use, has an excellent screen, and performs admirably. At the same time, while I’m liking Windows 8.1 on tablets in general, the continued reliance on desktop mode for some things means that the 8” form factor is just […]

Dell Venue 8 Pro Active Stylus Having Problems?

Update: I’ve received my active stylus and tried to use it. Truth be told, it’s pretty useless. Inking in OneNote is passable, but it’s unusable as an aid in navigating the tiny desktop mode. Too often, hover causes unwanted clicks, taps don’t register, and using the stylus causes far more issues than it resolves. Unless […]

The “Productivity” Tablet: Is That Such a Bad Thing?

There seems to be a divergence occurring in the market, or at least in the tech media’s coverage of the market, creating a distinction between “productivity” tablets (i.e., Windows 8.1 tablets) and “consumption” tablets (i.e., iOS and Android tablets). The implication so far appears to be that consumption tablets are in demand, while nobody wants […]