Samsung ATIV Q Officially Delayed (Update Again[!])

Update (again!): Okay, so, while all signs (or, rather, rumors) have been pointing at the ATIV Q either being seriously delayed into 2014, as noted below, or cancelled outright, now we have signs of life. First, it shows up again as a preorder on the Adorama site after having been removed. Then Amazon UK is […]

Toshiba KIRAbook Might Make Me Regret the MacBook Air

Sorry for being so out of touch lately. Lots of stuff going on at home, and I haven’t had nearly the time to post as I’ve wanted. That should be over, however, and hopefully I’ll start posting far more often. On that note, I just had to mention Toshiba’s new KIRAbook line of Ultrabooks. I […]

Selecting an Ivy Bridge Notebook, Part 2: Ultrabooks

In Part 2 of my series covering my quest to buy a new notebook to replace my HP Envy 14, I’ll talk about some of the Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks that I considered as part of my search for a new thin and light notebook. As I mentioned in Part 1, I’ve actually settled on a […]

VIZIO Notebooks and All-In-Ones: First Impressions

Update: It looks like the VIZIO machines have been delayed, by one account until the end of September. I know that WalMart has put them on a backordered status, and Costco told me that they’ve been delayed until the end of this month (and that was as of a week ago). Judging by a couple of […]

ASUS Taichi – My Next Machine?

ASUS teased a couple of new devices in their pre-Computex promotions, and one of them was the Taichi. As we now know, this devices is essentially a dual-screened Ultrabook (likely sans the Ultrabook label, unless ASUS can convince Intel to allow the trademark on such a different device), and will double as a (relatively thick) […]