iPad 3 (2012) vs ASUS Transformer Prime: Wifi Performance

I posted a quick video on YouTube comparing the Wifi performance of the new iPad with the ASUS Transformer Prime (ATP). This video was taken in my home office in the garage, which ironically has the worst Wifi connectivity and throughput of any location in my house. Four walls and about 20 feet separate the […]

A Tale of Two Tablets: the (new) Apple iPad (2012) vs. Android (ASUS Transformer Prime)

The objective of this series of posts will be to shed some light on the question: which is the better tablet platform, iOS 5.1 or an Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet. I’ll be using the latest iPad, the “new” iPad, a.k.a. the iPad 3, and the ASUS Transformer Prime (ATP) for the comparison. It’s possible […]

ASUS Transformer Prime Impressions Part 2 – The Good

Introduction – Flawed, but excellent In Part 1, I discussed some issues that seem to have plagued the Transformer Prime’s launch. GPS, wifi strength, light bleed, and such make the Prime an early-adopter’s delight so far, although ASUS continues to release firmware updates that make incremental improvements where possible. And yet, I still recommend the […]

ASUS Transformer Prime Impressions Part 1 – The Bad

Introduction – Excellent, but flawed If ASUS has shown us anything, it’s that they make good to great products but, at least when it comes to tablets, they have a hard time launching them. Like the original Transformer before it, the Transformer Prime has been playing hard to get. Anecdotal evidence (i.e., forum posts) also […]