Living on the Bleeding Edge – Should You Buy a Gadget Right Away?

With any device, there can be hardware issues in the earliest builds that are fixed in future builds. Manufacturing issues can be identified and resolved (e.g., screen adhesion issues that cause yellow tints, a la iPads), problematic components can be fixed by suppliers (e.g., screens that suffer from inconsistencies, WiFi components that can’t be completely […]

No, Woz, You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty

Steve Wozniak, famous Apple co-founder, recently went on record that he feels “a little guilty” about inventing technology that’s now being used by the government to track our various activities. As BGR reports: “We created the computers to free the people up, give them instant communication anywhere in the world, any thought you could share […]

Does the Press Manipulate the Market for More Page Views?

Buried in a Google+ discussion about Microsoft’s prospects at making Windows Phone successful was the most remarkable statement. According to Robert Scoble, name-dropper extraordinaire*, the press “wants a strong #3” because it “makes for great fights, which makes for more page views.” He says he heard that from a number of mainstream journalists during dinner. […]