The Surface Pro 3 Does Have an Excellent Screen

DisplayMate, maker of high-end display configuration and calibration tools, periodically provides in-depth evaluations of the quality of the displays used on a variety of┬ámobile devices. I typically agree with their assessments of devices I’ve owned, and I definitely agree with their description of the Surface Pro 3’s screen as excellent: Based on our extensive Lab […]

Samsung and Microsoft Vie for Worst Video

Samsung and Microsoft have both produced promotional videos recently that have caught the Internet’s attention. Unfortunately, both have been for the wrong reasons. First, we have Samsung’s video for the Gear smartwatch, which is an odd combination of high-quality production value with incredibly cheesy content. And, the video manages, in my opinion, to highlight precisely […]

What’s Going On With the Samsung ATIV Q?

So, I wrote the other day about how the Samsung ATIV Q seems to be disappearing from the Samsung Web site. Well, it now appears that it’s completely gone. See anything missing from this screenshot? The ATIV Q section is now completely removed, and there’s an ATIV Book 9 Plus sitting on the guy’s lap […]