Microsoft Releases its Wearable, the Band

So, with very little fanfare (actually, maybe none, check out Paul Thurrott’s tweet above), Microsoft released their long-anticipated wearable device, the Microsoft Band. It’s a sleek, unobtrusive device with a colorful rectangular screen and 10 sensors aimed at connecting with Microsoft’s Health cloud service to track and manage all aspects of a person’s very individual […]

Samsung Patents Smartwatch Designs with Round Faces

I’ve written in the past about how ridiculous it would be for a company to be granted a patent on a simple design element. And, really, I don’t think they are: more likely, they’re granted patents on overall designs that happen to include certain simple design elements. A case in point is Samsung, which recently […]

Samsung and Microsoft Vie for Worst Video

Samsung and Microsoft have both produced promotional videos recently that have caught the Internet’s attention. Unfortunately, both have been for the wrong reasons. First, we have Samsung’s video for the Gear smartwatch, which is an odd combination of high-quality production value with incredibly cheesy content. And, the video manages, in my opinion, to highlight precisely […]

Smartwatch Porn – The Hyetis Crossbow

Okay, I don’t have $1,200 to spend on this, but even so I’m tempted. I’ve been waiting to see what smartwatch makers will produce, and so far this one’s the most impressive. Yes, it’s intimidating, maybe even a bit gaudy. It’s likely huge and weighs a ton. But it seems to me a bit like […]