Sony SmartWatch 2 Review: Good, but Will You Use It?

I’ve been using the Sony SmartWatch 2 for a little over a week now, and so far it’s matched up well with what I want from a smartwatch. However, it has one significant issue that gets in the way, and I’ve found myself reconsidering whether or not I actually need a smartwatch, after all. In […]

Sony SmartWatch 2 On Amazon (and Elsewhere) (Update: Official Now)

Update: Okay, so, Sony has finally officially announced the SmartWatch 2 in the US, after it’s been available in some other countries for a couple of weeks. It’s available for “pre-order” at the Sony store, but the order page says that it “Usually ships in 1-2 days.” Weird. My Amazon order from a few weeks […]

Why I Want a Smartwatch

I’ve been reading a bit about smartwatches lately, because I’m in the market for one, and a common theme seems to be that the current generation of smartwatches don’t offer enough value to be truly compelling. I’m a little surprised by this attitude; it seems pretty clear to me that smartwatches are at least as […]