No, Microsoft Isn’t Giving Up on Smartphones (Updated)

Update 5/26/2015: So, Microsoft has made it official that Cortana will be available on Android and iOS. Does that change this equation? After all, Cortana was one of the value-added technologies that would have made Windows 10 Mobile unique on smartphones. My guess is that, in the and, Microsoft’s positions on phones, and maybe even […]

Surface Pro 3 and “Lapability”: It’s All About Flexibility

When Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was first introduced, much was made by reviewers (and those who’ve never used the machine) about it’s “lapability,” or how well it can be used (or can’t be) on one’s lap compared to a traditional clamshell notebook. Indeed, it appears that Microsoft invented the term to use when describing a positive feature of their […]

Microsoft Goes After the MacBook Air in New Surface Pro 3 Ad(s)

Microsoft is catching some heat today for their new ad comparing the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air. Of course, Microsoft has been doing so since first announcing the Surface Pro 3, and so this ad isn’t anything new. Here’s the ad: Here are two more: In his Computerworld article titled “Surface Pro 3 […]

Surface Pro 3 Special Student Pricing: $649 Core i3 64GB

Microsoft has some very special pricing available for qualified students across a range of products, not the least of which is the Core i3 version of the Surface Pro 3 for $649. This price gets you 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD, the latter of which can be complemented by up to 128GB of […]

Surface Pro 3 Tip: How to Hibernate and Keep InstantGo (Updated)

Update: I’ve played around a little more with the Surface Pro 3 since writing this post, and I’m not so sure that the machine actually woke up from sleep. Rather, I’ve noticed that the power button is actually very easily depressed, or rather perhaps the amount of time it must be depressed to wake it […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Unboxing Video

In case you’re interested, here’s the world’s worst unboxing video of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Enjoy, if you can:

2014: What Will Happen in Tech?

It’s de rigueur, I think, for a tech blog to post predictions for the coming year. Because I don’t want to be left out, I’ll post some thoughts as well—although they’ll be short, and I’ll be posting well after the New Year has already begun due to a killer bug I caught on New Year’s […]

Samsung ATIV Q: Seriously? (Updated)

Update: Okay, this post is a bit of a mess. I committed a cardinal sign of blogging: I knee-jerked some information and jumped to some conclusions. The biggest one is that the ATIV Q doesn’t run Android at full resolution. Apparently, that might be false: it seems that Android runs at the same resolution as […]

Selecting an Ivy Bridge Notebook, Part 1: Apple Notebooks

I bought my current workhorse notebook, the HP Envy 14, in November of 2010. At the time, it was a relatively thin, light, and powerful Windows notebook. Today, it feels overly large, clunky, and fat. When a random mood strikes me to write something, I find myself straining to pull out this monstrosity. Often enough, […]