90 Days Later, My Microsoft Lumia 830 RM-985 Still Doesn’t Support Lumia Camera 5

I try to be a patient person. It’s difficult for me–I want something, I have a hard time waiting for it. When it comes to promises that companies make about their products, I try doubly hard to be patient–nobody’s perfect, things don’t always work out as planned, I’ve been known to be late myself, etc. […]

Lenovo’s Superfish is Really Bad Marketing, and How to Fix It

Good marketing means carefully managing every aspect of product (design, manufacture, etc.), price, promotion (advertising, sales, public relations, etc.), and place (distribution). It’s simply not good marketing to secretly alter a product to generate revenue in ways outside the control of unsuspecting customers. That’s particularly true in a technology industry where privacy and security have […]

Microsoft’s Superbowl Ads Were Genius

I have a number of other posts I’m working on aimed at exploring where Microsoft and the larger technology industry are headed. It’s a complex set of topics, really, because in my opinion tech is going through some of the most significant changes in the last decade (or more)–the next 12-24 months will likely determine […]

Yes, Samsung Really Can Make a Classy Ad

Let’s be honest here: Samsung has made some really bad ads. And, they’re often way too focused on slamming the competition; as a marketer, I’ve always thought it best to focus on yourself and let your competitors fend for themselves (unless you’re T-Mobile and your CEO is John Legere, in which case all bets are […]

Apple’s iPhone 6 Pricing is Brilliant Marketing

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been very well-received, for the most part. Design, functionality, features, build quality, etc. have all been up to Apple’s typical standards (comparisons to Android and Windows Phone alternatives notwithstanding). One area that’s been a point of contention, though, is pricing and specifications, particularly Apple’s decision to offer a […]

Samsung and Microsoft Vie for Worst Video

Samsung and Microsoft have both produced promotional videos recently that have caught the Internet’s attention. Unfortunately, both have been for the wrong reasons. First, we have Samsung’s video for the Gear smartwatch, which is an odd combination of high-quality production value with incredibly cheesy content. And, the video manages, in my opinion, to highlight precisely […]

Microsoft a Stronger Consumer Brand Than Apple and Samsung?

I wrote in my 2014 predictions that I see Windows and Windows Phone gaining market share and becoming more important players. It looks like consumers might agree, at least according to some recent Forrester research: In a surprise upset, Microsoft trumped Apple and Samsung in the TRUE brand rankings.  In fact, Microsoft was the only […]

Apple’s Record iPhone Sales (2013 Version) (Update)

Update: According to the Verge, there are some questions about that nine million iPhones sold number. Regardless, it’s a tremendous performance, and I think everything I wrote below still applies. —– Every year since the introduction of the iPhone, Apple has sold a new version of the incredibly popular device and announced record launch day […]

New HTC Ad Eerily Similar to Palm’s Scary Girl Ads

I know, I know–they’re nothing alike in terms of cinematography or script. But there just seems to be something eerily similar, perhaps in intent, between the new HTC commercial with Robert Downey, Jr. and the Palm commercials featuring the (ultimately) scary Palm girl. On second thought, maybe it’s because they both just don’t make sense, […]

Is the Motorola Xoom Too Expensive?

Update (5/2/2011): I stand by my position that the Xoom wasn’t too expensive when it launched, at $799 for the 3G/4G version unlocked. At least, I think that was theoretically true at the time. Since then, however, with the 4G update and SD card support still looming some time in the future, and with the […]