Surface Pro 3 and MacBook Air Suffer WiFi Issues

I’ve seen a few news reports about WiFi connectivity issues with Microsoft’s increasingly popular Surface Pro 3, primarily that some machines don’t reconnect to a network and/or that the WiFi adapter can’t be found after waking from certain sleep states. Microsoft has released a number of firmware updates aimed in part at resolving the issues, and indeed my […]

Microsoft Goes After the MacBook Air in New Surface Pro 3 Ad(s)

Microsoft is catching some heat today for their new ad comparing the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air. Of course, Microsoft has been doing so since first announcing the Surface Pro 3, and so this ad isn’t anything new. Here’s the ad: Here are two more: In his Computerworld article titled “Surface Pro 3 […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review Part 1: Enabling the Vision

I was impressed the first time I put my hands on Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 a few weeks ago. I’ve now been using my own for going on two weeks now, and if anything my original, seemingly hyperbolic statements about the Surface Pro 3 might have been understated. It really is a groundbreaking machine, […]

I’ve Seen the Future, and it’s the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

I was excited to learn that a new Microsoft Store was opening in a mall about 10 minutes from my house (the Oaks in Thousand Oaks, CA), and upon visiting it yesterday was subsequently disappointed to learn that it’s actually just a kiosk. So, my plan of making a quick trip on June 20 to […]

Surface Pro 3 Lapability: Is It Really This Bad?

I love the term “lapability.” I don’t remember exactly when it was first used, but most recently it’s been applied extensively to Microsoft’s soon-to-be-released Surface Pro 3. The concept revolves around how well a device works on one’s lap, typically as some unconventional device is contrasted with conventional laptops. Business Insider posted a story comparing […]

Toshiba KIRAbook Might Make Me Regret the MacBook Air

Sorry for being so out of touch lately. Lots of stuff going on at home, and I haven’t had nearly the time to post as I’ve wanted. That should be over, however, and hopefully I’ll start posting far more often. On that note, I just had to mention Toshiba’s new KIRAbook line of Ultrabooks. I […]

OS X Mountain Lion Calendar Exchange Sync Problems – A Fix

Update: Well, the issues have returned for me after just a few days. Looks like this wasn’t a fix after all. So, consider the post notice that there’s a real problem with syncing the Calendar with an Exchange server, at least for some folks. If you’re like me, you’ve experienced some issues with the Calendar […]

Selecting an Ivy Bridge Notebook, Part 2: Ultrabooks

In Part 2 of my series covering my quest to buy a new notebook to replace my HP Envy 14, I’ll talk about some of the Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks that I considered as part of my search for a new thin and light notebook. As I mentioned in Part 1, I’ve actually settled on a […]

MacBook Air 2012 Tip – Dock Has High CPU Usage

Is your 2012 MacBook Air running hot, with the fan blowing like crazy and Activity Monitor showing a higher percentage of CPU usage by the Dock? If so, the fix might be an easy one. On mine, I was using some customer photos as wallpaper (specifically, a random selection from a DropBox folder). I don’t […]

Apple Customer Service

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about Apple, it’s likely been clear that they’ve not been my favorite company. I’ve always recognized that they make well-built products, but have disliked what I see as a bit of a form-before-function mentality and a tendency to stress simplicity over functionality. My recent iPad purchase tended to support […]