Nexus 7 Screen Washed Out After Watching Video? Check This Out [Update: LCD Ghosting Too?]

I noticed pretty early into my time with the Nexus 7 that the screen is washed out (color saturation is diminished, brightness and contrast are increased) after watching video. This happened pretty much with all video apps, including YouTube, Play Video, and Netflix, and seemed to vary in intensity by what kind of video was […]

Initial Thoughts on the Google Nexus 7

  Update (8/2/2012): Well, the Nexus 7 launch has been a bit problematic for some folks, myself included. A number of design or build problems have surfaced, with the most common being the issue I mentioned where the left side of the screen separates to a greater or lesser extents from its base. So far, […]

What Will the Google Nexus Look Like? UPDATE: Like This

Speculation is heating up in the last few hours before Google’s keynote speech at the 2012 Google I/O event. We’re all expecting details about Jelly Bean, the next version of Android, and the Google Nexus tablet, a $199 device to take on the iPad and Kindle Fire. So far, the Nexus tablet is looking like […]