Is Apple Growing or Just Upgrading? (Updated)

Update 1/28/2015: So, Apple’s Q1 2015 (fiscal) financial results are in, and they had their best quarter ever. Maybe any company’s best quarter ever. They generated $74.6 billion in revenues, $18 billion in net profit (wow), and sold 74.5 million iPhones at a higher average price per unit (thanks to the iPhone 6+, of course). […]

Will Apple Put OS X on the iPad Pro? (Update: Touchscreen MacBook?)

Rumors are swirling that Apple is considering the release of a 12.9″ iPad Pro capable of running OS X, perhaps via dual-boot with iOS. As with all such rumors, details are sketchy–would this be the same OS X as runs on the Mac, or some kind of hybrid OS? Personally, I think it’s highly unlikely […]

The Motley Fool Misunderstands Microsoft’s Strategy

  Microsoft just can’t catch a break. Consider The Motley Fool, writing about Microsoft’s decision to release an Office for iPad: For perspective, Microsoft recently broke down and allowed Microsoft Office on the iPad. For years that was one of its largest selling points for its Surface line of tablets. These are two fascinating sentences. First, […]

Surface Pro 3 Special Student Pricing: $649 Core i3 64GB

Microsoft has some very special pricing available for qualified students across a range of products, not the least of which is the Core i3 version of the Surface Pro 3 for $649. This price gets you 4GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD, the latter of which can be complemented by up to 128GB of […]

Windows vs. Apple: An Accurate Measure?

  Alex Wilhelm wrote a fascinating and, I think, important article on Techcrunch yesterday (1/14/2014) where he argued that we need a different way of measuring the market share of Windows vs., say Apple products. He started by showing the following graph, which was created by Asymco and which is intended to show that Apple […]

Nexus 5 Screens with Yellow Tint

I mentioned briefly in another post that my first Nexus 5 had a yellow tint to the screen, and the issue seems to be a complaint for a number of Nexus 5 owners since its introduction. I’ll link to two forum discussions that highlight what has become a bit of a minor controversy, at least […]

iOS 7 Makes Me Sick–Literally (Motion Sickness) (Updated) (Fixed)

Update 2: Apple released iOS 7.0.3 today (10/22/2013), and further enhanced the “Reduce Motion” option. Turning this on gets rid of most of the motion-based animations and switches a fade-in and –out effect. For me, at least, the issue is essentially resolved. I’m still finding iOS 7’s performance to be a bit choppy on my […]

Is the iPad Making PC Makers Desperate?

This article on IT World says about the myriad product variations on display at the recent Computex show: The products are made possible by better, cheaper components, by the new touch interface in Windows 8 and by Intel’s ultrabook formula. But they’re also driven by a sense of urgency among PC makers, desperate for a […]

Quick Review of the Toshiba Excite 10 (AT305)

My quest for an acceptable Android tablet continues. I returned the ASUS Transformer Prime directly to ASUS due to a litany of problems that no number of returns could seem to resolve. I returned the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7” because its name was way too long for blogging (just kidding; I returned it because […]

Brief Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

I’ve been trying out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which is a very nicely priced Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet at $249. I recently returned the Transformer Prime to ASUS* due to a number of issues that I simply couldn’t resolve, and I was hoping that the GT2 would serve as a low-cost way […]