Surface Pro 3 Tip: How to Hibernate and Keep InstantGo (Updated)

Update: I’ve played around a little more with the Surface Pro 3 since writing this post, and I’m not so sure that the machine actually woke up from sleep. Rather, I’ve noticed that the power button is actually very easily depressed, or rather perhaps the amount of time it must be depressed to wake it […]

Android Apps on Windows: Good or Bad for Microsoft?

There‚Äôs been a fair amount of debate recently about whether running Android apps on Windows machines is good or bad for Microsoft. Quite a few pundits maintain that it’s a bad thing, at least some saying that the availability of Android apps reduces the incentives for Windows developers to make quality modern UI apps for […]

Selecting an Ivy Bridge Notebook, Part 2: Ultrabooks

In Part 2 of my series covering my quest to buy a new notebook to replace my HP Envy 14, I’ll talk about some of the Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks that I considered as part of my search for a new thin and light notebook. As I mentioned in Part 1, I’ve actually settled on a […]