How to Convert Notes from Evernote to OneNote

I was a huge Microsoft OneNote user back in my days as a Ricoh sales engineer. I used a variety of Tablet PCs circa 2001-2007, with the last one being a Toshiba Portage M400, to take thousands of handwritten notes during meetings with hundreds of clients where I outlined business processes, identified relevant personnel, created […]

The Many Faces of Clipping Web Pages to OneNote

I wrote a few days back about clipping to OneNote in the modern version of Internet Explorer 11. As I’ve discovered, there are quite a few ways to clip to OneNote in general, all of which produce very different results. In this post, I’ll cover a few of these options and point out the one […]

Microsoft OneNote Recipe Clipping – A Sign of Things to Come?

Microsoft’s OneNote team recently blogged about clipping recipes with the OneNote Web clipper. In a nutshell, the Web clipper uses the Bing backend to intelligently clip and format recipes from popular sites like the Food Network and, and it does a fine job. Note that this is the Web clipper that’s installed to the […]

Evernote Bugs in iOS 7

I came across a post by Jason Kincaid that got some attention the other day, and I was a bit concerned. The post outlined a number of issues with Evernote on iOS 7, including the worst thing that can be problematic with an information storage solution—instability and lost data. He summed up my own feelings […]

My Top 5 Products and Services of 2013

  2013 Recap It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly a year can pass by, nor how much can happen in a mere 365-odd days. Personally, 2013 was a mixed bag for me and my family. It’s not over yet (I’m starting this post on Christmas Eve morning), but I’m thinking that it’ll […]