Amazon and Piling On

Lately, you can’t follow a Twitter feed without readingĀ an article lambasting Amazon for one or another business practice. These articles are often fraught with inconsistency, economic fallacy, and anti-business/anti-corporate leftist rhetoric. I don’t often delve into politics on this blog, but I wanted to take just a minute to point out one instance of where […]

Elysium Makes No Sense, and Matt Damon is an Idiot

First, let me say this: I haven’t seen Elysium, and likely won’t. At least, I won’t pay good money to see it at the theatre. Maybe I’ll watch it when it comes out on HBO or Starz. Maybe. I have, though, read a number of reviews, and they all seem to point to the same […]

AT&T to Buy T-Mobile

Looks like some big changes are underfoot in the telecom industry: AT&T has announced that they’re going to acquire T-Mobile to create a single GSM carrier in the United States. Of course, this news has brought out the anti-trust hounds, and I’ll just say: I don’t believe in anti-trust regulations and think that government has […]