HBO GO Now Supports Android 4.4 and Chromecast

Good news: the latest version of HBO Go supports not only Android 4.4, but Chromecast as well. That’s a huge development, significantly increasing the value of Google’s excellent little media sharing device. Go here to download it and start ‘casting: HBO Go.

Chromecast vs. Samsung Motion Plus Feature – Soap Opera Effect

I was using Netflix on my Chromecast last night, specifically the one attached to the Samsung 55” HDTV in the family room. I played the second-to-last episode of Weeds (I cancelled Showtime before finishing the final season), and noticed some serious soap-opera effect (the “too real” look that motion interpolation gives TV images). I knew […]

Google Chromecast Setup and Testing

So, I was lucky enough (or quick enough) to snag a couple of Chromecasts from Amazon before they sold out (and, before the 5:31 PST cutoff for the 3-month Netflix coupon). I ordered via Amazon Prime but they came a day early, and so I was able to spend a few minutes this evening playing […]