Fugoo’s excellent Sport XL rugged Bluetooth speaker is on sale for $179

I’m a huge fan of the Fugoo XL Bluetooth speaker, as evidenced by my review of the Sport XL model. It sounds great, it’s durable and waterproof, and its battery lasts a good while. It’s hooked up to my Amazon Echo Dot and provides vastly superior sound to the Echo speaker with all of the […]

Fugoo Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker Review

  Product reviewed: Fugoo Sport XL ($299.99 at Amazon), also available as Fugoo Style XL ($279.99 at Best Buy) and Fugoo Tough XL ($329.99 at Best Buy) Summary: Significant improvements in sound quality over the original, with an equally significant increase in size. The Fugoo XL is worth its higher price, but make sure you […]

Fugoo Tough Bluetooth Speaker Review

I don’t know about you, but music is instrumental to my productivity (pun intended). It picks me up, calms me down, keeps me focused. I dislike complete silence in general, making my home office a potentially oppressive and patently unproductive environment without some good jams playing in the background. I don’t like wearing headphones for […]

Om One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

  Via CNET, we have a report of what must be the coolest, geekiest gadget I’ve seen this month. The Om One levitating Bluetooth speaker is something I’d buy just to say I have one. Seriously, how cool is that? Yes, $179 is a bit steep, it’s a Kickstarter so there’s some time to wait, […]