Samsung ATIV Q Officially Delayed (Update Again[!])

Update (again!): Okay, so, while all signs (or, rather, rumors) have been pointing at the ATIV Q either being seriously delayed into 2014, as noted below, or cancelled outright, now we have signs of life. First, it shows up again as a preorder on the Adorama site after having been removed. Then Amazon UK is […]

What’s Going On With the Samsung ATIV Q?

So, I wrote the other day about how the Samsung ATIV Q seems to be disappearing from the Samsung Web site. Well, it now appears that it’s completely gone. See anything missing from this screenshot? The ATIV Q section is now completely removed, and there’s an ATIV Book 9 Plus sitting on the guy’s lap […]

Samsung ATIV Q Web Site – “Launching Soon” (Updated)

As you know if you’ve been following this blog for the last few weeks, I have a thing for the Samsung ATIV Q. I’ve gone back and forth between whether it will work for me given the apparent limit of 4GB of RAM, and Samsung has been quite hush-hush regarding final specifications, pricing, and launch […]

Samsung ATIV Q: Is 4GB of RAM Enough? (Updated)

Update: I’ve been running a little experiment where I’ve configured a Windows 8 virtual machine (in Parallels on my MacBook Air) with 2GB of RAM, 256MB of video RAM, and a single processor core. I’ve been running this VM as my exclusive notebook for over a week now, and frankly I’ve had no problems whatsoever […]

Samsung ATIV Q: Seriously? (Updated)

Update: Okay, this post is a bit of a mess. I committed a cardinal sign of blogging: I knee-jerked some information and jumped to some conclusions. The biggest one is that the ATIV Q doesn’t run Android at full resolution. Apparently, that might be false: it seems that Android runs at the same resolution as […]