Windows Phone Xbox Music Update 8/8/2014

Microsoft released a smallish update to the Windows Phone Xbox Music app today. Here’s a list of what’s included, straight from the horse’s mouth: It’s easier than ever to start playback of your favorite tunes via our new Recent Plays feature! You can let your kids play music worry free, now that we’ve added support […]

T-Mobile Visual Voicemail App Not Working (Yet) On Nexus 5 (Update: App Works, Just Not Officially)

Update: There’s still no official T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app available in Google Play for the Nexus 5. As of a Tweet reply I received from T-Mobile on 12/23, there’s also apparently no official word on when an official app will be available. However, XDA member o_z0ne posted the APK (which just won’t download from the […]

Windows 8 Tip: App Availability Indicator

One of the nice things about Windows 8.1 is that various system settings are synced across machines using SkyDrive. As long as you connect to your Windows Live account when you set up a new machine, those settings can be automatically applied. I noticed the following icon on some of my Start screen tiles, and […]

My Top 22 Tablet Apps: How Does Windows 8 Hold Up?

I went through this mental exercise when I was a webOS fan back in the day: what apps must webOS have available to make it a viable near-term platform for me? I thought I’d do the same today for Windows RT/8 tablets. And so, here are the X apps that Windows RT/8 tablets must have […]

Which Platform is Better? iOS or Android? OS X or Windows?

There have always been ongoing debates between fans of one platform or another over which is the better one. Back in the day, it was Mac OS versus Windows. Today, the heaviest debate is between iOS and Android fans, with a smattering of Windows Phone users chattering from the cheap seats. I’ve been reading a […]

How to Set an Image as Wallpaper Without Cropping on an Android Tablet

Ever have a hard time on an Android tablet in setting an image as the wallpaper? Using the Gallery app, you’re pretty much forced to crop the image and have no way to select the entire thing. Before today, I hadn’t found an app that will let an entire image as the wallpaper. Today, though, […]

Would I Return to webOS?

Update (7/4/2011): Looking at the apps available at launch, things haven’t improved a bit on the webOS front. Here’s Precentral’s top 15 list of TouchPad apps. I know I’ll get dinged for being negative, but seeing a QVC app in that list doesn’t evoke a great deal of confidence. — I’ve been too busy to […]