Configuring Default Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser

So far, as of Windows 10 build 10130, Microsoft’s new Edge browser is a frustrating mix of the excellent with the deficient. I’m enjoying the browser’s speed, simplicity, and touch support, but bemoaning the lack of password saving and syncing and extensions. One basic feature that I thought was lacking, the ability to set default tabs […]

Microsoft OneNote iPhone Syncing Issues (Updated)

Update: I had two very large sections with hundreds of image-heavy notes. I moved those to separate notebooks, and my iPhone completed syncing. Now, changes on the iPhone are reflected almost immediately on other clients, and vice versa. So, my suggestion for anyone having issues syncing an iPhone is to move any indordinately large sections […]

Office Preview Apps Won’t Open in Windows 10 Preview

If you’re using Windows 10 and installed the touch-centric Office Preview prior to 2/23/2015, then you’ll likely run into an issue where Word Preview, Excel Preview, and PowerPoint Preview won’t start. The error will look like the one above, and uninstalling/reinstalling the apps won’t fix anything. I don’t believe this is tied to the Windows 10 […]

A Case Study in Technology Compromise: Parental Control Software

Compromises Abound Parental control software may not seem like much of a productivity topic at first glance, but given the importance of technology in raising kids today, the ability to control access to computing resources is vital. While some people assert that kids shouldn’t be “controlled” this way, I’d bet that most of them aren’t parents and haven’t been […]

Installing Windows 10 Preview on the Surface Pro 3: Clean Install (Updated)

Update: So far, my experience with Windows 10 has been fairly positive, but I still feel more comfortable using my Windows 8.1 “official” installation for my real work. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to post instruction on how to backup the recovery partition, just in case the partitioning causes issues. Here’s […]

How to Convert Notes from Evernote to OneNote

I was a huge Microsoft OneNote user back in my days as a Ricoh sales engineer. I used a variety of Tablet PCs circa 2001-2007, with the last one being a Toshiba Portage M400, to take thousands of handwritten notes during meetings with hundreds of clients where I outlined business processes, identified relevant personnel, created […]

Windows 8.1 Tip: Manage Notifications

I was poking around my Windows 8.1 desktop this morning, and I was surprised to discover just how many applications have notifications turned on. There were over 50, and while many make sense for my workflow (Tweetium for Twitter udpates, Skype, Mail, etc.), many simply did not. In particular, I had over 20 games installed […]

The Many Faces of Clipping Web Pages to OneNote

I wrote a few days back about clipping to OneNote in the modern version of Internet Explorer 11. As I’ve discovered, there are quite a few ways to clip to OneNote in general, all of which produce very different results. In this post, I’ll cover a few of these options and point out the one […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Update – Live Folders

So, one of the new features in Windows Phone 8.1 Update recently released to Developer Preview participants includes a Live Folders feature, which is exactly as it sounds. Using Live Folders, you can group individual Live Tiles together to organize and save space, while retaining their dynamically updated status. I’ve been playing around with it a […]

Clipping Web Pages to OneNote Using the Modern UI Internet Explorer

A more complete series of posts is coming that will cover using OneNote and other Microsoft products in productivity workflows. In the meantime, here’s a quick tip regarding the Windows 8.1 modern UI version of Internet Explorer. Specifically, I’ve written in the past that compared to the desktop version of IE 11, Web clipping to OneNote […]