Issues Accessing Microsoft Word Documents on OneDrive in Windows 10 (Update: Office 2016)

Update: I didn’t mention in my original post that I’ve been running the Office 2016 Preview, and it struck me that this might be a contributing factor. So, I did some digging: Uninstalled Office 2016, rebooted. Installed Office 2013, rebooted. All files in the OneDrive folder performed well and as expected, including Word files. Uninstalled […]

Dual Booting Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: Windows Store Issues?

I’ve been dual-booting Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on my homebuilt desktop and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 since a few days after the release of the Windows 10 Preview. So far, I’m finding it a superior operating system for desktops, and even in its current state it offers some advantages for hybrids like the Surface […]

Installing the DirecTV Player on Windows 8.1

I recently signed another 2-year contract with DirecTV, having spent a few months with the cable figuratively cut. The NFL season hit, however, and having no other good way to watch my Indianapolis Colts, I decided that a free NFL Sunday Ticket package was worth getting back on the hook. Imagine my frustration, then, when I […]

Windows 8.1 Tip: Modern App Errors (This App Can’t Open)

Occasionally, I’ll run into an issue on my desktop where my modern Windows 8.1 apps won’t run and have small “x”‘s in the lower right-hand corner of their tiles. This only happens with apps that I’ve downloaded from the store, not the standard apps that install with Windows 8.1, and if I try to run […]

LogMeIn Cancels Free Accounts, TeamViewer An Excellent Alternative

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been using LogMeIn for years now to manage remote PCs (Windows, OS X, and Linux). Some of you might do so for business, but some might only manage their various personal machines. I fall into the latter category, and so I’ve enjoyed LogMeIn’s free capabilities for supporting the mother-in-law’s […]

Evernote Bugs in iOS 7

I came across a post by Jason Kincaid that got some attention the other day, and I was a bit concerned. The post outlined a number of issues with Evernote on iOS 7, including the worst thing that can be problematic with an information storage solution—instability and lost data. He summed up my own feelings […]

Dell Venue 8 Pro Active Style Firmware Update A02 (Still Problems)

So, I downloaded and applied the latest touch screen firmware update for the Dell Venue 8 Pro, version A02 dated 1/2/2014, and tried it out with my active stylus. Short story: I haven’t even tried inking with the stylus, because the hover-click problem—where the stylus will click buttons and links even when a centimeter or […]

Nexus 5 Screens with Yellow Tint

I mentioned briefly in another post that my first Nexus 5 had a yellow tint to the screen, and the issue seems to be a complaint for a number of Nexus 5 owners since its introduction. I’ll link to two forum discussions that highlight what has become a bit of a minor controversy, at least […]

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Supported on the Nexus 5

Many of you might have already discovered that T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling functionality (exactly what it sounds like: the ability for calls to go through a wireless network instead of the cellular network) isn’t supported on the Nexus 5. If you didn’t already know that, then consider this notification. What I found a little funny, however, […]

Dell Venue 8 Pro Active Stylus Having Problems?

Update: I’ve received my active stylus and tried to use it. Truth be told, it’s pretty useless. Inking in OneNote is passable, but it’s unusable as an aid in navigating the tiny desktop mode. Too often, hover causes unwanted clicks, taps don’t register, and using the stylus causes far more issues than it resolves. Unless […]