Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore kind of misses the point about Windows 10 Mobile


So, I gave up a long time ago on Windows phones and Windows 10 Mobile when I just couldn’t find a good way to keep up with my ebook reading. There was a slew of other things I couldn’t do on the platform, but the lack of a decent Kindle reader was the kicker.

Nevertheless, there remains a dedicated and vocal community of Windows phone fans who take the platform seriously, and there’s nothing that bugs them more than hearing Microsoft make silly statements. Joe Belfiore, whose roll at Microsoft remains unclear to me, did just that the other day on Twitter:

Seriously, Joe: Windows phone fans aren’t reminiscing here. They’re not just looking back in a melancholy funk at how great the platform was, and you’re just rubbing salt in their wounds by pointing out how Microsoft is ripping out its best parts and parceling them out to Android and iOS.

I mean, I get your point. Microsoft is leveraging its investment in Windows phone to generally improve its position in mobile. That’s smart. But you’re not going to make any Windows phone fans happy here no matter what you do, and this tweet just sounds like you’re being mean.



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