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You might have noticed that I was spending some time over at WinBeta.org as a Senior Editor–you can check out all of my writing there via this link. I was having a blast, and as a long-time WinBeta reader, I couldn’t think of a better site for my Microsoft-focused ramblings. I’m also working as a freelancer for DigitalTrends.com in the Computing and Gaming sections primarily, which lets me delve into other computing topics. All of my writing at Digital Trends is available here.

That does raise an interesting question, though: what does it all mean for The Tech Chat? Well, in short, it means that my focus on productivity becomes a little sharper while I might very well cover other topics here as well. That is, whereas I was planning to focus on Microsoft’s productivity solutions and then general computing topics as they come along (like my review of the Fugoo XL Bluetooth speaker), I’ll now be focusing (although that’s probably a bad word here) on productivity itself regardless of the source of a given solution. I’ll also be writing about general topics that don’t fit elsewhere in my freelance writing.

This is quite the update from my previous overview around two years ago, which I’m happy to say is the result of a freelance writing career that has really taken off lately. This blog had a lot to do with that, giving me a place to post stories that can serve as a portfolio, and so if you’re looking to break in as a writer, then starting a blog and just writing is probably a great first step.

And so, that’s a quick update. Please check out Digital Trends if you haven’t already, and I’ll provide another update if anything major changes.

Updated on 12-16-2016: Today was my last day at WinBeta/OnMSFT. Enjoyed my time there and working with that great group of people. Moving on now to some different things, more on that later.



  1. Ira S. Cohen says

    question about VPN’s; I was thinking of getting one but heard that it lowers your internet speed. I have internet essentials through Xfinity & only getting 17mbps, should I not get a VPN?

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