Issues Accessing Microsoft Word Documents on OneDrive in Windows 10 (Update: Office 2016)



Update: I didn’t mention in my original post that I’ve been running the Office 2016 Preview, and it struck me that this might be a contributing factor. So, I did some digging:

  1. Uninstalled Office 2016, rebooted.
  2. Installed Office 2013, rebooted. All files in the OneDrive folder performed well and as expected, including Word files.
  3. Uninstalled Office 2013, rebooted.
  4. Installed Office 2016, rebooted. The issue with Word files on OneDrive returned.
  5. Turned off the preview pane, and managing files (selecting, copying, moving) returned to normal. Opening Word documents was still a bit slower, but not unmanageable.

So, it seems like it’s a problem with Office 2016 (perhaps Word 2016 specifically) and OneDrive, and with previewing Word files in the OneDrive folder. The resolution at this point is to stick with Office 2013, or turn off the preview pane when Office 2016 is installed.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating some issues I’m having in accessing Microsoft Word documents on OneDrive in Windows 10. This video shows how things are working on my homebuilt desktop with my entire OneDrive repository synced to a local drive, and the same behavior occurs on my Surface Pro 3 and my Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Basically, everything works fine when I’m accessing files in my local OneDrive folder, except for Word documents. I can preview files, move and copy them, and perform whatever actions I want without issue. Word documents, however, open slowly, won’t preview (or preview only after a significant delay), and are difficult to multiple-select and move/copy. It’s as if the system is trying to access the files in the cloud and is running into some sort of delay.

Watch the video, and if you’re experiencing the same kind of issues, leave a comment here or on YouTube. If it’s a widespread problem, we can communicate it to Microsoft and hopefully get it resolved.



  1. Same setup, same problem.

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