Truly Unbelievable Line at London Apple Store


iPhone 6

I devoted quite a few words to my contention that Apple is today’s haute technology, arguing that many people buy Apple products at least in part because they believe that doing so marks them as possessing better taste than those who don’t. Then there’s the group mentality, about which I said the following: “Many people really do seem to buy Apple products because doing so makes them part of a close-knit, they might think elite, group.”

After watching the following video, which shows the iPhone 6/6 Plus line at a London Apple Store on launch day, I have to say that perhaps I didn’t put things strongly enough:

Seriously, I have a difficult time believing that this many people would stand in line for this long to be the first to buy any product. It’s truly flabbergasting. Toss in the fact that the iPhone was available for preorder and delivery, and will be for sale in the coming months, and it makes even less sense to me. It’s not like this was a one-time thing, like buying tickets to a concert with only one showing, ever. At worst, someone might have to wait a few weeks.

I attended the Microsoft Store opening this past Saturday in Canoga Park, CA. The crowd was significant, and it was something of a real event. I was impressed, but not overly–it was proof that Microsoft remains a viable, vibrant, and exciting company, but it also made sense to me. Simply put, what I see in the video above does not.


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