No, I Don’t Hate Apple



As the Apple event kicks off (and the live stream has problems), I just want to say: in spite of my Twitter rant this morning about Apple and in particular their public relations machine, I need to stress that I don’t hate Apple. They actually make some great machines, of which I own a couple (a 2012 MacBook Air and an iPad 3), and I do believe that they’ve made some importance contributions to technology. In particular, they’ve popularized technology, turning it into something that the typical, non-geek person can comfortably use.

No, my problem with Apple isn’t that they don’t make great products. It’s that they’ve long seemed obsessed with the need to be first, to be unique, to stress how much better and more innovate they are than their competition. Although they make great products, they sometimes seem more concerned about beating their competition as an end in itself. I don’t know what they’ll do today, but in the past they’ve demonstrated this tendency by focusing so much attention on how much bigger, more popular, more profitable they are than everyone else. And sometimes, they’ve used misleading “facts” and statistics to do so.

I’m going to get back to watching what Apple announces. But I wanted to say before they do that I like Apple. I just don’t worship them.



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