Windows Phone 8.1 Update – Live Folders


So, one of the new features in Windows Phone 8.1 Update recently released to Developer Preview participants includes a Live Folders feature, which is exactly as it sounds. Using Live Folders, you can group individual Live Tiles together to organize and save space, while retaining their dynamically updated status.

I’ve been playing around with it a bit this morning since I received the update, and I’m pleased. The feature is easy to use–simply drag one icon on top of another or into an existing folder–and it works as expected. So far, I’ve created one folder that resolves an issue I’ve had with Windows Phone 8.1 since switching to it about a month ago–there’s no unified email inbox, and so each email account has its own Live Tile. This is fine for keeping me up to date on the status of my various inboxes, but it takes up unnecessary space on the home screen.

Live Folders solves that problem nicely.

It’s a small feature that provides a great deal of benefit. The amount of dynamic information that can be display on a Windows Phone screen has been significantly increased, and that’s a good thing.


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