Clipping Web Pages to OneNote Using the Modern UI Internet Explorer


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A more complete series of posts is coming that will cover using OneNote and other Microsoft products in productivity workflows. In the meantime, here’s a quick tip regarding the Windows 8.1 modern UI version of Internet Explorer.

Specifically, I’ve written in the past that compared to the desktop version of IE 11, Web clipping to OneNote via the modern IE’s “Share” functionality is limited to clipping an article’s URL and a short snippet. This is only partially true, as I’ve discovered; opening Share from the Charms menu does just that, as so:

Standard IE 11 Share to OneNote

However, if you select the text you want to copy, right-click on the text (using a mouse, of course; long-press using touch) select Share, and then OneNote, you’ll get a similar experience to doing the same on the desktop. Namely, the selected text will be copied into the note and the URL appended.

Right-Click IE 11 Share to OneNote

The results still aren’t always as clean as a note in Evernote using their Chrome Web clipper, but it’s easy enough to clean up. And the workflow in the Windows 8.1 modern UI is excellent, particularly using an app like the superb Nextgen RSS reader:

RSS Reader Windows 8.1 Workflow

I like this workflow so much, in fact, that I’ve turned the modern UI IE back on and am using it for my research. On the Surface Pro 3, this makes for a very powerful mobile research solution.




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