Samsung and Microsoft Vie for Worst Video


Samsung Gear

Samsung and Microsoft have both produced promotional videos recently that have caught the Internet’s attention. Unfortunately, both have been for the wrong reasons.

First, we have Samsung’s video for the Gear smartwatch, which is an odd combination of high-quality production value with incredibly cheesy content. And, the video manages, in my opinion, to highlight precisely what can be wrong with smartwatches. For me, a smartwatch should be an unobtrusive extension of a my digital assets, something that provides me with up-to-date tidbits of information requiring immediate attention but not something that becomes a smartphone or tablet strapped to my wrists. The video highlights some legitimate functions (incoming call notification for screening purposes, the “find my phone” function, etc.), but also some of the worst possible examples (using the smartwatch as an obnoxious speakerphone, browsing on the smartwatch’s tiny screen, etc.).

It’s possible that the video was made cheesy on purpose, but sadly I don’t think it is. If not, then imagine what audience Samsung is trying to reach.

Now, consider Microsoft’s video, produced by the OneNote team to demonstrate the usefulness of the Surface Pro 3 for taking notes. Here, we have amateur production value combined with cheesy content, except it’s obvious that the cheese is intended. This video reminds me of something a high school senior class might produce to celebrate their graduation, although if you can get past the schlock the content does a decent job of highlighting the value of both OneNote and Microsoft’s latest Surface machine.

Which is most effective? If I was forced at gunpoint to choose, I’d vote for Microsoft’s version if for no other reason than that it likely cost a fraction of the money to produce.



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