Windows Phone 8.1 Update on the Way?



There are some new rumors floating around about an alleged upcoming update to Windows 8.1. Specifically, the rumors revolve around a new ability to create folders directly on the home screen, referenced by Microsoft on their Windows Phone support site.

The version of Windows Phone 8.1 currently available via the developers’ preview, and that’s shipping on a few new phones, doesn’t support this feature. And so, either there’s an update coming immediately following the widespread release of Windows Phone 8.1, or there’s a version of Windows Phone 8.1 that’s not yet been released to developers.

Personally, I’m hoping that there’s such an update, rather than just a new feature yet to be released in the current version of Windows 8.1. Where there’s one new feature, there are likely to be others that haven’t yet leaked. While I like Windows Phone 8.1 in general, there is certainly room for improvement.


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