What’s Next for the Tech Chat?



After years of proscrastination, I’ve decided to devote more time and to become much more serious about writing. And so, I’m taking some time to evaluate what I can write, and where, and for whom. I have some skills as a copywriter and as a technical writer, and so I can look at doing some freelance work in those areas. I also know a bit about technology, and enjoy writing about it as much as anything else. Then there’s fiction, and non-fiction (say, magazine articles). Toss in self-publishing, and anything’s possible. Really, today is a great time to be a writer.

Long story short, then, I have numerous opportunities write. The immediate question is, where does The Tech Chat fit in?

As far as I can tell, this blog is important for two reasons. First, I think it can add value to an audience, far more than it has so far. Let’s face it, this thing’s been a hobby to this point and I could take it much more seriously. Second, writing about technology is probably what I enjoy more than anything else, and this is the perfect place to do it until someone’s willing to have me do it for them.

Accordingly, I expect (and will demand of myself) that I post more and interact with my readership more actively than I have. That raises another question, though: what exactly should I write about? I can do my own analysis of the site and see what content has enjoyed the most traction, and of course there are the topics I want to write about. Ultimately, I should probably write what I enjoy the most if I want to produce content that’s genuine and interesting.

At the same time, your opinions are invaluable. Are there topics that you feel are lacking adequate coverage by other media? Are there different perspectives that you’d like to see? Are there areas where you could use some help and I might be able to lend a hand? Or, what have you enjoyed the most (or the least) about this blog and feel I should give more (or less) attention?

If you have any ideas about how The Tech Chat can be a more valuable, interesting, and pleasant place to visit, please leave a comment. This site is important to me, and your input would be much appreciated.

Don’t hold back, I have a thick skin. And thanks!



  1. webOS. All the time!

    Seriously, stick with mobile. Everyone’s doing it. Keep an eye out for openings at the big sites and not-so-big sites. Sorry about the job though. Just went through that myself and fortunately landed on my feet (not writing full time though).

    • Mark Coppock says


      Yeah, if only webOS had made it… I had some serious traction in that space. Oh well.

      Thanks for the ideas, I’ll definitely take them into consideration. And thanks for the kind thoughts. Much appreciated!


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