Costco Selling Dell Venue 8 Pro 64GB for $247 with Folio Case (Update: Deal’s Over)


Dell Venue 8 Pro

Update: Well, the deal seems to be over, with three Costco stores I’ve visited lately no longer having any stock. They’re still selling the Venue 8 Pro online for decent prices, but nothing like this.

That’s right: Costco is clearing out the Dell Venue 8 Pro 64GB version, with the very nice folio case, for $247. This is an in-store deal, and I have no idea how many stores are carrying them or how long the deal will last. But if you’re a Costco customer and want a nice little Windows 8.1 tablet, this is an incredible value.

Highly recommended. Toss in the $40 or so stylus (which now works well), and the Venue 8 Pro is a great little note taking machine that’s portable, well-built, and has perfectly acceptable performance. Although there are still only a fraction of Windows 8.1 apps as are available for Android and iOS tablets, I still find myself using the Venue 8 Pro more often than either my Nexus 10 or iPad.


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