Microsoft a Stronger Consumer Brand Than Apple and Samsung?



I wrote in my 2014 predictions that I see Windows and Windows Phone gaining market share and becoming more important players. It looks like consumers might agree, at least according to some recent Forrester research:

In a surprise upset, Microsoft trumped Apple and Samsung in the TRUE brand rankings.  In fact, Microsoft was the only brand in the survey to achieve the coveted trailblazer status – indicating that the Microsoft brand is “at the forefront of brand building with a unique and distinct brand identity that sets it apart from other brands”. 

This doesn’t surprise me. First, Microsoft is spending loads of money on advertising. Second, I find their advertising effective, particularly their “one experience, many devices” concept. Third, I think that people still perceive Windows as a more productive environment, and perhaps—just perhaps—they’re also starting to equate it with the more consumption-oriented space as well.

This should be a fascinating year for watching tech. Let me know in the comments whether you’re one of those consumers who see Microsoft as being “at the forefront of brand building.”


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