T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Not Supported on the Nexus 5



Many of you might have already discovered that T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling functionality (exactly what it sounds like: the ability for calls to go through a wireless network instead of the cellular network) isn’t supported on the Nexus 5. If you didn’t already know that, then consider this notification.

What I found a little funny, however, is T-Mobile’s support page covering the topic. Here’s a capture of the funny bits:

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Support Page

Yes, that’s right, T-Mobile created an entire page of instructions all leading to the only sentence that matters: “We’re sorry, but this feature is not available on this device.”

I’m thinking that at least one of their technical writers needs a lesson in clarity and brevity. T-Mobile, if you’re reading this, I’m available to help out on a contract basis.


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