T-Mobile Visual Voicemail App Not Working (Yet) On Nexus 5 (Update: App Works, Just Not Officially)



Update: There’s still no official T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app available in Google Play for the Nexus 5. As of a Tweet reply I received from T-Mobile on 12/23, there’s also apparently no official word on when an official app will be available. However, XDA member o_z0ne posted the APK (which just won’t download from the Play store), and it seems to be working fine on stock Nexus 5 devices. Of course, your mileage may vary—this could blow up your Nexus, give over your firstborn to T-Mobile, or otherwise cause temporary of permanent harm. But, if you’re still up for it, here’s the link: T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app. Not that this works just fine for me, so far.

The Nexus 5 isn’t only brand-new hardware. It was also the first device running Android 4.4 (KitKat). So, perhaps it should be no surprise that some apps that seem like they simply should be available aren’t yet.

One example is T-Mobile’s visual voicemail app. The service itself is included in their plans, but without an app to access it, users are stuck with old-school voicemail. According to T-Mobile, work is underway to resolve the issue, but until then we’ll have to dial up the voicemail system and navigate through the online system, just like in the old days.

Here’s their tweet on the subject:

T-Mobile Twitter Visual Voicemail

T-Mobile’s been very good at getting problems resolved, and so I’m hopeful we’ll see visual voicemail on the Nexus 5 soon enough. Until then, we’ll just have to brush off a few old habits.



  1. Wow still waiting. …. Its been 2 months now. . T-Mobile, u suck

    • mark.coppock says

      I’m disappointed as well. T-Mobile has been great to me since I switched over from Sprint. This is the one place they’ve fallen down. I’ll have to ping them again and see if I can get an update.

  2. Its now Jan 21 and still no t mobile visual voicemail! Wtf

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