Sony SmartWatch 2 On Amazon (and Elsewhere) (Update: Official Now)



Update: Okay, so, Sony has finally officially announced the SmartWatch 2 in the US, after it’s been available in some other countries for a couple of weeks. It’s available for “pre-order” at the Sony store, but the order page says that it “Usually ships in 1-2 days.” Weird.

Sony SmartWatch Order Page

My Amazon order from a few weeks back still says it will ship between October 17 and October 25). Hopefully that will update soon, although I may cancel that order and purchase at the closest Sony retail store, which is about 30 minutes away.

Sony hasn’t officially released the SmartWatch 2 in the U.S. (or anywhere in the world, as far as I know), but you can order it today from a number of online retailers. Most are likely just placeholders until Sony’s official release, but Amazon promises delivery in 1-3 weeks and Amazon seller Tech1 lists units in stock and shipping.

Here are a few links if you’re dying to get your hands on the Sony SmartWatch 2:

Amazon (ships in 1-3 weeks)
Tech1, via Amazon (In stock and shipping)
Expansys (ships in 3 days)
B&H (availability November 1)

I placed an order via Amazon, just for kicks. I’d sure rather hear an official release announcement from Sony sometime soon.


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