What’s Going On With the Samsung ATIV Q?


So, I wrote the other day about how the Samsung ATIV Q seems to be disappearing from the Samsung Web site. Well, it now appears that it’s completely gone. See anything missing from this screenshot?

Samsung ATIV screenshot

The ATIV Q section is now completely removed, and there’s an ATIV Book 9 Plus sitting on the guy’s lap instead of an ATIV Q (sorry I don’t have a screenshot of that). Also, a search on the Samsung site for the ATIV Q comes up completely empty. It’s as if the device never existed.

So, either Samsung is completely retooling the ATIV Q for some reason, or they’ve scratched it altogether. If we see the thing hit the market at all, I think it’s going to be quite a few months before we do.



  1. Linda Greenwood says

    I think they realized it was crippled with only 4GB of RAM and likely realized they can’t sell a $1500 laptop with low end specs. Hopefully they take the time to retool the Q with better specs so it can compete with the Duo 13.

    • mark.coppock says

      I’d love to see 8GB too, but I’m not very confident they’ll do it. That is, not unless it ships MUCH later, like in November for the holidays.


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