Chromecast vs. Samsung Motion Plus Feature – Soap Opera Effect



I was using Netflix on my Chromecast last night, specifically the one attached to the Samsung 55” HDTV in the family room. I played the second-to-last episode of Weeds (I cancelled Showtime before finishing the final season), and noticed some serious soap-opera effect (the “too real” look that motion interpolation gives TV images).

I knew I’d turned off Samsung’s Motion Plus feature, the culprit here, but for kicks I checked the TV’s settings. Yep, the feature was still turned on. So I switched back to my satellite dish source, and checked again. The feature was turned off. Huh.

I switched back to the Chromecast HDMI source, and turned the Motion Plus feature off. Voila! The Netflix picture was excellent, as expected.

So, the very minor moral of the story is: check the settings, even if you think you’ve checked them before. I’m sure Samsung indicates in the manual somewhere that the picture settings are per source, but come now—could I really be expected to check the manual?



  1. so glad you posted this! it helped me. Why did Samsung ever invent such a dumb feature as motion plus? it’s horrible!!!!!

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