Samsung ATIV Q Web Site – “Launching Soon” (Updated)


As you know if you’ve been following this blog for the last few weeks, I have a thing for the Samsung ATIV Q. I’ve gone back and forth between whether it will work for me given the apparent limit of 4GB of RAM, and Samsung has been quite hush-hush regarding final specifications, pricing, and launch date. So, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for more information so that I can plan the rest of my 2013 gadget budget.

Well, I noticed something interesting yesterday, and thought I’d mention it. If you go to the general Samsung ATIV Web site, you’ll see the most recent ATIV devices highlighted (Q, Tab 3, Book 9 Plus, Book 9 Live, One 5 Style). Clicking all but the ATIV Q takes you to an overview of each device along with some basic specs. That used to be true for the ATIV Q as well, but now you get this instead:

ATIV Q Web Site 

I find this a bit odd, and I have to wonder: does this mean the ATIV Q release is just around the corner, or does this mean that Samsung is making some sort of changes to the device and so they’re no longer showing any sort of details. The latter would seem to imply a delay, as well, despite the “We are launching soon.” popup.

It’s a mystery, albeit a small one. Hopefully Samsung will shed some light on the matter relatively soon, before all of the hype from the ATIV Q’s announcement is gone.

Update: The ATIV Q has also disappeared from the general Samsung PC site. It used to be listed right above the ATIV Book 9 Plus, IIRC. Hmm…



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