No, Woz, You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty



Steve Wozniak, famous Apple co-founder, recently went on record that he feels “a little guilty” about inventing technology that’s now being used by the government to track our various activities. As BGR reports:

“We created the computers to free the people up, give them instant communication anywhere in the world, any thought you could share it freely,” he said to Morgan. “It was going to overcome a lot of the government restrictions. We didn’t realize that in the digital world there are a lot of ways to use the digital technology to control us, to snoop on us.”

Woz, don’t be silly. Your feeling even the slightest bit guilty for having helped create technology that has so tremendously advanced human life (through access to information, learning, productivity, health care, etc.; the list is really endless) simply because some people misuse it is simply ridiculous. Should the person who discovered how to create fire feel guilty because it’s been used in so many destructive ways? I don’t think so. Without fire, it’s very possible that the human race  wouldn’t have survived.

So rest easy, Woz. The tremendous value that comes from the things you’ve helped invent far outweighs any negatives, particularly questionable use by a government that would have discovered some way to keep tabs on us regardless.


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