Toshiba KIRAbook Might Make Me Regret the MacBook Air



Sorry for being so out of touch lately. Lots of stuff going on at home, and I haven’t had nearly the time to post as I’ve wanted. That should be over, however, and hopefully I’ll start posting far more often.

On that note, I just had to mention Toshiba’s new KIRAbook line of Ultrabooks. I tweeted this yesterday, and meant it:

KIRAbook Tweet

As far as I can see, the first KIRAbook model, a 13.3” unit with a 2560X1440 screen and a utility to make such a high resolution usable in a Windows machine, meets an exceeds the requirements I used in selecting the MacBook Air in the first place. It’s light, well-built, has an apparently very nice backlit keyboard, and runs Windows 8 with a touchscreen ( whether that’s really a good thing remains to be seen, of course).

Here’s some info to hold us over until we can get it in our hot little hands…


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