iPad 3 (2012) vs ASUS Transformer Prime: Wifi Performance


I posted a quick video on YouTube comparing the Wifi performance of the new iPad with the ASUS Transformer Prime (ATP). This video was taken in my home office in the garage, which ironically has the worst Wifi connectivity and throughput of any location in my house. Four walls and about 20 feet separate the office from my router, and most of my mobile devices suffer from poor Wifi performance out here.

The new iPad does pretty well, as the video shows. My Time Warner Cable Internet connection usually shows between 10Mb/s and 20Mb/s via wired connection and in the best locations in my house via wireless, so getting between 8Mb/s and 10Mb/s on the iPad is very good. The ATP, on the other hand, routinely gets less than 2Mb/s, and this particular ATP is the newest build (a C3KOS serial number, with the C3 designation a March, 2012 build). Needless to say, ASUS hasn’t managed to improve Wifi performance on newer units, contrary to some rumors on the various forums.

Here’s the video, for what it’s worth. I’ve found the new iPad to perform well in terms of Wifi throughput, and I’ve suffered none of the Wifi connectivity issues some people have complained about. Overall, the iPad’s performance has been excellent.



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