How to Set an Image as Wallpaper Without Cropping on an Android Tablet


Ever have a hard time on an Android tablet in setting an image as the wallpaper? Using the Gallery app, you’re pretty much forced to crop the image and have no way to select the entire thing. Before today, I hadn’t found an app that will let an entire image as the wallpaper.

Today, though, I found an app that handles this perfectly: PicSpeed HD Wallpapers 170,000. Here’s how it works (this is in Ice Cream Sandwich on the ASUS Transformer Prime, but I’m sure it’ll work the same way in Honeycomb).

First, Install the app. Then, go to the Gallery, select an image, and then go to the menu and select “Set picture as”:


You’ll get a list of “Set as” options, including one called “Set as Wallpaper.” Select that one:


It will give you a UI including three icons directly underneath the picture. One of them is widescreen–select that, and the image will be used without cropping (assuming it’s the right size and aspect ratio):


Keep the “Scrollable” option checked, then hit “Set.” That should do it. It’s the first app I’ve found that will set an image as scrollable wallpaper with no cropping whatsoever.



  1. Thanks, this worked.

  2. Mohammed Amin says

    Thanks so much, there was another post saying use this app but when I tried it I hit the “Use Original” button. It didn’t work so I assumed it won’t work, thanks to your instructions I see that I had to use the button to the far right.

  3. Thank you so much, I can only get it to work with their own wallpaper not the one’s have created any IDEAS? thanks

  4. Thank you thank you so much!!!! it worked. 😀

  5. Thank you so much…you made my day 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for this info. What a lifesaver!

  7. U made my day easy:-)

  8. It doesn’t work on tablets! Just crops like the standard gallery app, even if you select the whole image. Can’t use an original image.

  9. Thanks! Worked like a charm. 🙂

  10. N the assassin says

    thank you sooooooo much…:))
    it worked on samsung galaxy tablet 10.1 …;)

  11. Thank you so much it worked like magic!

  12. Thanks works like a charm on my 9.7 inch tablet!

  13. Hey! Thanks for sharing this. I spent hours trying to figure out how to bypass that CROP!

  14. Chris Ratliff says

    The other way of doing it is to make a blank pic file at 800 x 600 and then place your high res pic saved in a 640×480 image into the middle of the 800×600 pic. Save that file and place onto your tablet. When it asks you to crop, select gallery crop and then only choose the middle of the screen.

    Not this will work fine for landscape, however in portrait mode it will leave a top and bottom border unless you have filled in the background in a manner whereby it appears to be part of the original pic.

    If done right, you can crop both a portrait and landscape in high res pic mode using the scaled pic method.

  15. Thank you so much! Problem resolved.

  16. Mr Antisocial Guy says

    Nice App!!!

  17. i have a google nexus tablet. I am one of those people who changes their background/wallpaper like everyday (even a couple times a day on somedays ツ lol.) I enjoy making backgrounds/wallpapers from stratch. I LOVE me some paint, to say the least…it makes the possibilites endless on making your own backgrounds & wallpapers. I mostly make them with the paint program on my desktop & then transfer them to my google nexus to using them for backgrounds and wallpapers like I do on my desktop. When I go into my gallery and choose a picture it automatically takes me to where you have to crop the photo. I hate cropping. Forreal. 9 times out of 10 i cannot crop the photo in a way to where I can keep my full photo. Cropping makes me have to cut out parts of the picture and most of the time it just ruins it.

    So… I just googled the question how to avoid cropping when using a picture for a background on a tablet. This site was one of the answers google gave me. When I first began reading your intructions I thought this app, PicSpeed HD Wallpapers, was going to give me a way to avoid cropping on ANY photo but as I continued reading I’m under the impression, I think anyways, that you can only use this app for the pictures this specfic app offers. Not giving me the option to use ANY photo i choose to use.

    I was wondering if I am interpreting this right. And if so does anyone know an app or a way to avoid cropping and being able to choose ANY photo when selecting it to use as a background/wallpaper on a tablet.

    I would greatly appreciate it. ツ

  18. mark.coppock says

    No, you can use this for any picture. Just follow the instructions: go to the Gallery app, go to the sharing menu as select “Set Picture As…”, the select “Set as Wallpaper”, the one with the PicSpeed icon. I haven’t yet found an image that it doesn’t work for.

  19. …yes this works BUT only till u rotated ur screen 🙁
    then Android zooms in to fill the backround and it dosen’t
    zoom out if u rotated back… f**k!


  20. Caio Pontes says

    Amazing tip dude!… really works greetings from Brazil!!!!

  21. The best way to do it is to crop the image really. I usually just upload to tabpimps and let their tools do the cropping, much easier for me.


  22. I applaud thee verily, good sir! Alas! My days of forcibly cropped pictures for backgrounds are henceforth tales of woe alone!

  23. Thanks bro ! It worked for me nice gj 😀




    dont know if anyone said it but this worked for my zte avid phone

  26. thank You very mutch… it’s work on my i ball slide 3g 7334

  27. works PERFECTLY!!! THANKS!!! 🙂

  28. I’ve been looking for and finally met with this application. Its a very nice app ..
    Now I no longer trouble to change the wallpaper for my android tablet. Thank you.

  29. tnx it worked on ics neo v

  30. So simple, so good ! Endlessly my own photos as wallpaper and without cropping. Thanks a lot 🙂

  31. Help me with Tab 3 🙁

  32. tina gillenwater says

    Finally, Downlaoded this works perfectly, Thanks!!!

  33. This is so annoying. An app to workaround the operating system. Feels like the days of windows 3.1. (Android doesn’t even have a grphical volume control!)

    • mark.coppock says

      Yes, it’s annoying. Seems to be the nature of the beast, though: consider all of the apps that are workarounds for limitations in iOS. Same with Windows 3.1. I don’t think there’s a “perfect” operating system out there.

  34. There is also an app that you can try ”“. Just download this app and set full screen wallpaper without cropping it.

  35. Thanks

  36. Mmm! I was not asking for that but thanks

  37. Wallpaper wizardrii in the play store will fix problem also =)

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