Welcome to The Tech Chat!


Welcome to The Tech Chat, where I’ll be posting my random (or maybe not-so-random, we’ll see) thoughts on all things technology-related. Some of you may know me from AboutwebOS.com, the site where I was writing about everything webOS-related. If you liked what I had to say and not just that I was saying it about webOS, then this is the place for you.

I might post every now and then at the “old” site, but I’m guessing most of my stuff will be posted here. That includes webOS-related musings, if you’re wondering. My reasons for branching out are stated there quite clearly–webOS no longer meets my needs and so I’m now using an Android smartphone (the Samsung Epic 4G) and soon an Android tablet (the Motorola Xoom), and really we’ll see how much time I have to write in any case.

Thanks for stopping by, and go ahead and subscribe (once I have the right buttons in place) if you’re so inclined. I’m tweeting at @TheTechChat, if you do the Twitter thing, so go ahead and follow if you’d like. Or not. You won’t hurt my feelings.


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