Windows 8.1 Tip: Modern App Errors (This App Can’t Open)

Windows 8.1 App Errors

Occasionally, I’ll run into an issue on my desktop where my modern Windows 8.1 apps won’t run and have small “x”‘s in the lower right-hand corner of their tiles. This only happens with apps that I’ve downloaded from the store, not the standard apps that install with Windows 8.1, and if I try to run […]

Windows 8.1 Tip: Manage Notifications

Windows 8.1 Notifications Settings Screen

I was poking around my Windows 8.1 desktop this morning, and I was surprised to discover just how many applications have notifications turned on. There were over 50, and while many make sense for my workflow (Tweetium for Twitter udpates, Skype, Mail, etc.), many simply did not. In particular, I had over 20 games installed […]

Windows Phones and the Carrier Effect


Neowin chatted with a few carriers and sought recommendations for a new smartphone, to see how Windows Phone would fare. Unfortunately, the struggling mobile platform didn’t do all that well, with the sales reps to a person pushing Windows Phone aside in favor of iOS and Android. Their findings: As you can see from the […]

What Exactly Is the Samsung Barnes & Noble Nook? (Update)

Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

Update: So, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK (official name, believe it or not) has been released. Apparently there’s an official event tomorrow, but some folks have already purchased it from retail stores and it’s available on the Barnes & Noble Web site. Apparently, it’s definitely just a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 with some Barnes […]



Wow. Just, wow. How can anyone be alive today and not marvel at the sights we see?  

Om One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Om One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

  Via CNET, we have a report of what must be the coolest, geekiest gadget I’ve seen this month. The Om One levitating Bluetooth speaker is something I’d buy just to say I have one. Seriously, how cool is that? Yes, $179 is a bit steep, it’s a Kickstarter so there’s some time to wait, […]

Amazon and Piling On

Image via Zegreg63.

Lately, you can’t follow a Twitter feed without reading an article lambasting Amazon for one or another business practice. These articles are often fraught with inconsistency, economic fallacy, and anti-business/anti-corporate leftist rhetoric. I don’t often delve into politics on this blog, but I wanted to take just a minute to point out one instance of where […]

Microsoft Goes After the MacBook Air in New Surface Pro 3 Ad(s)

Surface Pro 3 v MacBook Air Ad

Microsoft is catching some heat today for their new ad comparing the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air. Of course, Microsoft has been doing so since first announcing the Surface Pro 3, and so this ad isn’t anything new. Here’s the ad: Here are two more: In his Computerworld article titled “Surface Pro 3 […]

Apple Fan on Motorola’s Moto 360 Smartwatch: “It’s stupid” (Update: Aha!)


Update: @ianwaring clarified things a bit for me on Twitter: Gruber is talking here about the small cutout portion at the bottom of the Moto 360′s LCD, which indeed could be characterized as a “flat tire” if you wanted to look at it that way. I know that Motorola has a reason for their design […]

Windows Phone Xbox Music Update 8/8/2014

Xbox Music Update

Microsoft released a smallish update to the Windows Phone Xbox Music app today. Here’s a list of what’s included, straight from the horse’s mouth: It’s easier than ever to start playback of your favorite tunes via our new Recent Plays feature! You can let your kids play music worry free, now that we’ve added support […]