Microsoft Releases Surface Hub for Surface Pro 3 Pen Adjustments

Surface Hub 1

Microsoft has released a Windows Store app called the Surface Hub that enables configuration of the Surface Pro 3 pen. So far, the utility allows for adjusting the pen’s pressure sensitivity (valuable for graphic artists) and to assign the top button to either OneNote 2013 on the desktop or the OneNote modern UI app (regardless […]

Dual Booting Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: Windows Store Issues?

Windows Store

I’ve been dual-booting Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 on my homebuilt desktop and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 since a few days after the release of the Windows 10 Preview. So far, I’m finding it a superior operating system for desktops, and even in its current state it offers some advantages for hybrids like the Surface […]

Will Apple Put OS X on the iPad Pro? (Update: Touchscreen MacBook?)


Rumors are swirling that Apple is considering the release of a 12.9″ iPad Pro capable of running OS X, perhaps via dual-boot with iOS. As with all such rumors, details are sketchy–would this be the same OS X as runs on the Mac, or some kind of hybrid OS? Personally, I think it’s highly unlikely […]

Adobe Shows That Microsoft is Cool Again (Update: Behind the Scenes)


I don’t know how much of this is concept and how much is shipping today in the new Adobe Creative Cloud, but the following video reinforces my conviction that Microsoft is doing some very cool and very powerful things. The title of this video is “Adobe Illustrator on MS Surface,” but I see a whole lot […]

Installing Windows 10 Preview on the Surface Pro 3: Clean Install (Updated)


Update: So far, my experience with Windows 10 has been fairly positive, but I still feel more comfortable using my Windows 8.1 “official” installation for my real work. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to post instruction on how to backup the recovery partition, just in case the partitioning causes issues. Here’s […]

Microsoft 365: Will Microsoft Migrate to All Subcription Services?


I had a quick thought this morning as I went through the endless list of stories about Microsoft and its strategy given tomorrow’s Windows event. As usual and expected, speculation is rampant, with a great deal being made about Microsoft creating the underpinning to a subscription Windows service (or, at least, a Windows that is […]

Installing the DirecTV Player on Windows 8.1


I recently signed another 2-year contract with DirecTV, having spent a few months with the cable figuratively cut. The NFL season hit, however, and having no other good way to watch my Indianapolis Colts, I decided that a free NFL Sunday Ticket package was worth getting back on the hook. Imagine my frustration, then, when I […]

Dell Venue 8 Pro 32GB for $199 at Amazon

Amazon Dell $199

I’ve been using a Dell Venue 8 Pro for a few months now, and I love it as an adjunct device to my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It’s great for those times when I want to relax with a smaller Windows machine or use a less expensive device in dangerous circumstances (e.g., eating a sloppy […]

Surface Pro 3 Sales Going Strong?

Surface Pro 3 Global

Microsoft hasn’t released official sales numbers for the Surface Pro 3, and maybe never will with any precision, and so we’re left with analyzing various other tidbits of information to determine just how well it’s doing. AdDuplex, provider of metrics for Windows Store apps (i.e., modern UI apps) has released its September 2014 numbers, and […]

Truly Unbelievable Line at London Apple Store

iPhone 6

I devoted quite a few words to my contention that Apple is today’s haute technology, arguing that many people buy Apple products at least in part because they believe that doing so marks them as possessing better taste than those who don’t. Then there’s the group mentality, about which I said the following: “Many people […]