Lost Your Surface Pro 3 Pen? Here’s an Inexpensive HTC Alternative


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has excellent inking via its N-Trig active digitizer. The included official pen, however, is a bit expensive at $49.99 from the Microsoft Store. It’s not something you’d want to casually lose, nor is it an impulse buy as a backup. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. The HTC Scribe pen (click for technical […]

T-Mobile Slams Sprint

T-Mobile Logo

You gotta love T-Mobile. Not only are they shaking things up in the wireless market, offering contract-free plans and smartphones, excellent pricing, and good value, but they’re not above berating their competition. They go after Sprint’s jugular in this press release from a week ago, setting the tone in the first paragraph: Sprint’s customers have suffered much. They’ve […]

A Stroll Past Triton

Image via Caltech.

More proof that we live in amazing times–here’s Voyager 2 passing Neptune’s moon Triton, in a video comprised of images taken in 1989:  

The Motley Fool Misunderstands Microsoft’s Strategy


  Microsoft just can’t catch a break. Consider The Motley Fool, writing about Microsoft’s decision to release an Office for iPad: For perspective, Microsoft recently broke down and allowed Microsoft Office on the iPad. For years that was one of its largest selling points for its Surface line of tablets. These are two fascinating sentences. First, […]

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy


One of the most controversial topics in technology, at least by my reckoning, is exactly what Microsoft’s Windows Phone strategy should be. Industry pundits take a number of positions, such as the notion that Microsoft should abandon Windows Phone for Android, that they should glom onto Android designs to gain traction in smartphone hardware (e.g., HTC’s […]

Surface Pro 3 and “Lapability”: It’s All About Flexibility


When Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 was first introduced, much was made by reviewers (and those who’ve never used the machine) about it’s “lapability,” or how well it can be used (or can’t be) on one’s lap compared to a traditional clamshell notebook. Indeed, it appears that Microsoft invented the term to use when describing a positive feature of their […]

The 8 Best Things About Windows Phone 8.1


I’m working on a one-month (or so) review of Windows Phone 8.1. In the meantime, I thought I’d list the top 8 things I like best about the latest version of Microsoft’s plucky mobile operating system. Here’s a hint: I like it, and more than I like Android. 1. User Interface The UI is a broad […]

An Unscripted Comparison of Google Now vs. Cortana


I’ve been using today’s voice-activated personal assistants, specifically Google Now and Windows Phone’s Cortana, more than I ever expected. While I’m not one to start talking to my phone in the office or in otherwise crowded areas, when I’m walking around and in my car I’ve found it convenient to tell my phone what to do rather than […]

Windows 8.1 Tip: Modern App Errors (This App Can’t Open)

Windows 8.1 App Errors

Occasionally, I’ll run into an issue on my desktop where my modern Windows 8.1 apps won’t run and have small “x”‘s in the lower right-hand corner of their tiles. This only happens with apps that I’ve downloaded from the store, not the standard apps that install with Windows 8.1, and if I try to run […]

Windows 8.1 Tip: Manage Notifications

Windows 8.1 Notifications Settings Screen

I was poking around my Windows 8.1 desktop this morning, and I was surprised to discover just how many applications have notifications turned on. There were over 50, and while many make sense for my workflow (Tweetium for Twitter udpates, Skype, Mail, etc.), many simply did not. In particular, I had over 20 games installed […]