HP Omni 10 Review


HP has been strangely quiet in their introduction and release of the Omni 10 tablet, and I’m not sure why. I’ve been using one for the last few days, and it’s a very nice 10” Windows 8.1 tablet. There’s currently only one version of the Omni 10 (toss a little cash in the tip jar […]

Dell Venue 11 Pro Mobile Keyboard Quick Look (Update: Video)


I received my Venue 11 Pro Mobile Keyboard (what I like to call the keyboard dock) from Dell the other day, and I’ve spend a few minutes running it through its paces. The short version: it works as you’d expect (most of the time), is comfortable to type on, has a decent trackpad, and adds […]

Dell Venue 11 Pro Core i5 – Initial Thoughts (Update)


Update: After using the Venue 11 Pro for a few weeks now, I’ve noticed that the fan doesn’t seem to spin up as much as it did initially. It’s possible that a BIOS update fixed the problem, or that the machine was performing startup tasks (installing apps, etc.) that were causing the fan to kick […]

Palm Patents Finally Find a Home – At Qualcomm


One of the long-running stories in the Palm and webOS saga was the value of Palm’s significant patent portfolio, for example speculation that Apple never sued Palm for many seemingly similar patent violations because of the retaliatory benefit of Palm’s patents. After all, Palm was in the PDA and smartphone game long before Apple, and […]

LogMeIn Cancels Free Accounts, TeamViewer An Excellent Alternative


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been using LogMeIn for years now to manage remote PCs (Windows, OS X, and Linux). Some of you might do so for business, but some might only manage their various personal machines. I fall into the latter category, and so I’ve enjoyed LogMeIn’s free capabilities for supporting the mother-in-law’s […]

Windows vs. Apple: An Accurate Measure?


   Alex Wilhelm wrote a fascinating and, I think, important article on Techcrunch yesterday (1/14/2014) where he argued that we need a different way of measuring the marketing share of Windows vs., say Apple products. He started by showing the following graph, which was created by Asymco and which is intended to show that Apple […]

Android Apps on Windows: Good or Bad for Microsoft?


There’s been a fair amount of debate recently about whether running Android apps on Windows machines is good or bad for Microsoft. Quite a few pundits maintain that it’s a bad thing, at least some saying that the availability of Android apps reduces the incentives for Windows developers to make quality modern UI apps for […]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for Games of Thrones Season 4 since, well, it seems like just about forever. And the massive dragon shadow flying over (King’s Landing?) gives me goose bumps. To say I’m looking forward to April 6 would be an understatement.

Google Tasks Limitations and How to Work Around Them


So, I switched awhile back from using Toodledo’s backend task management system to Google Tasks, primarily because I’d gotten caught up in the premium version of Toodledo and wanted to save some money. I’ve discovered, however, that Google Tasks (and I’m talking the separate tasks functionality, not the old-style in-calendar tasks) has some significant limitations […]

Evernote Bugs in iOS 7


I came across a post by Jason Kincaid that got some attention the other day, and I was a bit concerned. The post outlined a number of issues with Evernote on iOS 7, including the worst thing that can be problematic with an information storage solution—instability and lost data. He summed up my own feelings […]